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The Last Airshow

North Kiyung has been threatening the United States for decades with nuclear attacks.  The secretive and mysterious nation has been performing multiple ballistic missile tests with America in its crosshairs.

Their nuclear capability of hitting the American homeland is getting closer each day.  America has no choice but to strike now before it's too late. A.F.L.R , also known as the Airforce Last Resort Operations Center, is currently stepping up their training with their best pilots. However, they need more fighter pilot aces if they are going to  be able to evade the heavy SAM bombardment that line the coast of the isolated nation. The Airforce leans on one of the Navy's best fighter squadrons to join Lt. Andrew "Bells"  Harris  (Joseph Baena) on this pre-emptive strike.The hot shot fly boys soon learn that their new wingmen come with ponytails - An elite female aerial demo team.


With only 72 hours before the attack, the drama unfolds and the egos fly.   

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